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Culture and Conflict Exhibition in Berlin

Culture and Conflict Exhibition in Berlin

18 January 2016—30 January 2016

On January 18, 2016, IZOLYATSIA opens an information exhibition Culture and Conflict: IZOLYATSIA in Exile at the Heinrich Böll Foundation (Berlin, Germany). The programme explores the subject of conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the position of culture under war conditions. The exhibition will be on view until 29 January 2016. 

On June 9, 2014, the IZOLYATSIA foundation in Donetsk was seized by representatives of the self-proclaimed «Donetsk People’s Republic» («DPR»). 

The offices, galleries, art spaces of IZOLYATSIA were looted and wrecked over the course of the following months. The territory of the cultural foundation has since been used as an armoury, military training camp, prison, and torture centre. The foundation has evacuated its team and since then it continues to perform its mission in Kyiv. 

The purpose of this exhibition is to communicate the story of this cultural foundation amidst the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. In many ways, the exiled IZOLYATSIA foundation represents the unheard voices of Donetsk, including those thousands of young professionals, who protested for unity of Ukraine, and who have now fled the city. 

The exhibition features video interviews with young people from Donetsk, with civilians who were held by the «DPR» at the IZOLYATSIA site, and video interviews with militiamen of the unrecognised republic, who occupied the foundation’s territory.

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