Ukraine is under siege following a full-scale military invasion by Russia on 24 February 2022

Artist Kristian Sverdrup in residence at IZOLYATSIA

From October 4 to 20, 2021, Kristian Sverdrup will be a resident of the IZOLYATSIA.

Kristian Sverdrup is a Danish artist who works in techniques: painting, sculpture, video, textiles. Through cerebral palsy, the artist works with themes at the intersection of body, art, and science. Christian graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in 2005 and since then has worked with paintings, videos, textiles, and a number of other media. For a long time, he studied the contrast between the ideals of the modern body and the type of physical defects that characterize his own position.

During the residency in IZOLYATSIA it is planned to conduct research of the local context and on its basis to create public artwork which will be included in the exhibition next year. The residency was made possible with the support of the Danish Art Council and the Embassy of Denmark in Ukraine.

An Artist Talk with Kristian Sverdrup will take place on October 13 at 19:00 in the IZONE creative community. The event will also be broadcast online on the IZOLYATSIA Facebook page. The event will be held in English. 

Facebook event