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Exhibition ZBOR. Belarusian art movement

Exhibition ZBOR. Belarusian art movement

31 March 2016—6 May 2016

On March 31, at 6 pm, IZOLYATSIA opens the exhibition ZBOR. Belarusian art movement.

Despite differing political benchmarks, Belarus and Ukraine are passing through similar social transformations related to the national identity and cultural self-identification. However, the cultural exchange between two countries remains limited and takes place sporadically. Ukrainian contemporary art has not yet been widely represented in Belarus, while the Ukrainians are still largely unaware of Belarusian art’s evolution over the last decades.

For the first time in Ukraine, the exhibition ZBOR. Belarusian art movement (bel. zbor — collection) presents an overview of Belarusian contemporary art. It is a key event, which enables understanding of how Belarusian cultural space has transformed over the last 25 years.

ZBOR encompasses the results of a research led by KALEKTAR platform that was established by a group of artists and curators to study and preserve the newest history of Belarusian art. The exhibition is based on forty key art pieces, which, according to the experts’ council of KALEKTAR platform, have determined the main trends and directions in the development of the Belarusian contemporary art. The exhibition includes over 200 exhibit items such as documentary photographs, scholarly essays, as well as original works by Belarusian artists, created between the 1980s and today. One of the central pieces of the exhibition is a big media presentation comprising original video works by over twenty authors and rare archival footage of performances and artistic actions. More than fifty Belarusian artists, residing in the country or abroad, are represented at the exhibition.

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